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Take Mandell & Santora whenever you need to get paid. Will turn old bills into new checks. May cause happiness, relief.

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You do the work, You provide the quality and necessary care. You submit your bills like you are supposed to do; You do not get paid. Insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying bills. With each passing year they create new non-issues. Do not become an insurance company victim. We can fight for you!

At Mandell and Santora we turn old bills into new checks.

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"I rarely have concerns with Mandell & Santora and when I do, I speak with a partner right away" - Dr. Craig Levitz “Best shoulder surgeon on Long Island” long Island Business news” Read More

The attorneys have a good rapport with both the judges and the insurance representative’s easing the path to settlement and judgements. The office staff is always courteous and helpful. Read More


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